Samlesbury Hall || Rebecca and James Leech / by Darren Heath

Photographing Rebecca and James's wedding was one of the highlights of the season so far. The wedding took place at Samlesbury Hall in Preston. This was the first time I’ve had the chance to visit Samlesbury Hall, and I love working at places with a fresh perspective. It is a delight to work as a wedding photographer in such unbelievable venues. 


Rebecca got ready at a lovely Lodge within the grounds of the hall on the morning of the wedding. The small details captured during bridal preparations help to tell the full story of the wedding, from the time taken to apply make-up, styling hair and even the cheeky McDonalds washed down with prosecco.

James, the groom, got ready at home with his groomsmen so I caught up with him as he arrived at the venue.  As you can hopefully see from the images both the bride and groom, plus their friends, were more excited about the day than nervous.


The ceremony itself took place in the main hall, which is an amazing looking part of the building. The atmosphere and lighting in there really added to the photographs and as you can see from people’s faces everyone really enjoyed themselves. Chasing each special moment is my mission as a wedding photographer. 


Everyone loves a good spring wedding, and I'm no exception. The sky was cloudy, but it creates lovely soft light, which does actually make help with the photographs. So, after working through the important group photos we headed off for a quick portrait session. With these I like to keep things simple, I usually suggest to the couple that they take a walk around their venue whilst I capture them enjoying their wedding day. 


Rebecca and James opted out of the traditional wedding breakfast and instead went for a hog roast for all their guests to enjoy. Once everyone was well fed it was time the guests to take a seat ready for the speeches. Photographing the speeches is a challenging part of the day because it's all about the words, so as wedding photographers we have to do our best to tell the story of the words with our pictures. 


It was a long time in the planning, but Rebecca and James pulled off an awe-inspiring wedding and I won't forget that one in a long time.